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Tantra Sessions


I offer women and couples loving, pleasurable and healing therapeutic Tantra Massages, Sexual Healing Sessions and Conscious Sensuality. I also offer couples tantric touch coaching and introductory seminars in Tantra Massage. For more intense transformation, I offer individuals and couples tailor-made private retreats.


Through my attention and respectful touch, I open a space for you:

  • Feeling and enjoying yourself more

  • Fully dive into your feminine power

  • To fully allow your sexuality, pleasure and playfulness

  • Feel and communicate your desires and desires

  • Allow healing of emotional and sexual experiences

  • To get in touch with your self-love more

  • Making connection and intimacy easier


During sessions, I offer you my full attention, touch and love for people. I follow the tantric principles of total acceptance, love and presence and the principles of the Wheel of ConsentThrough my touch, I open up a protected, intense sensing space in which everything is allowed of you and you get in touch more with you, your surrender and your heart.


You set the frame of the session with your wishes and limits, nothing happens without your consent. I invite you to express what you long for, how you would like to be touched and how not.


All sessions invite you to fully accept and enjoy yourself more intensely. A safe space to surrender and let go. Tantric touches are a unique experience of being touched with love, without expectations. You can fully concentrate on yourself and your sensations.


Tantric Massages and Sexual Healing Sessions focus on connecting you more with your natural energy, releasing blockages in your energy flow and increasing pleasure and ease in your sexuality and sensuality. The energetic connection of the sex and heart center is built up and distributed throughout the body. Your senses open and you can experience yourself inside out in all your beauty.

Tantric Conscious Sensuality Sessions give you a new and deeper experience with your senses and sensuality, inviting you to fall into your sensations - to feel comfortable in your body, to enjoy yourself. The sessions are a shared flow within fixed limits. We use tantric partner exercises, emotional release tools and mindful tantric touch.


Couples' coaching sessions combine the careful touch of Tantra massages with clear and authentic communication. As a couple, you can learn to gain more intimacy, lightness, and playfulness, and get rid of the performance pressure of touching and having sex. Meet you at eye level and experience deep connectedness.

Private Retreats are tailored to your healing needs. A combination of therapeutic tantric massages and sexual healing sessions, emotional release sessions, Radical Honesty Coaching, Wheel of Consent and bodywork form the basis of a profound healing and transformation process. Details on request and at a free meeting / preliminary talk.



Individual sessions:

3h hours incl. Preliminary talk and aftermath:



4h hours incl. Preliminary talk and aftermath



Sessions for three:

3h hours incl. Preliminary talk and aftermath:


4h hours incl. Preliminary talk and aftermath:


Introduction to Tantra Massage for Couples:

One-day private seminar in which you learn the basics of Tantra massage in practice. Together you will learn the most important steps and you dive into the attentive, loving and unintentional tantric touch.

On demand

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