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Radical Honesty & Tantra Retreat

We’ll spend four full days and three nights together in the lovely seaside town of Zandvoort (30 minutes from Amsterdam by train). The workshop will take place in a cozy villa decorated in Mediterranean style and colors. This residential retreat is suitable for both beginners to Radical Honesty and tantra as well for experienced practitioners. The workshop is suitable for both singles and couples and all sexual orientations.  

The group is limited to 16 participants.

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth!
Radical Honesty is about living in the Here and Now. It is a communication tool and lifestyle, which leads you to connect more deeply with others by expressing our fear, anger, appreciation and whatever is arising in the moment.  

In this retreat we are combining Radical Honesty and Tantra / Conscious Touch to experience and experiment honesty and presence by words, body awareness experiencing.


Content of the training:
The Radical Honesty part of the workshop will include lectures, directed conversations, paired exercises, small group exercises, hot seat work, meditation and much more to help you learn how to relax into intimacy based on being open and honest. All this is geared toward having you learn and practice the distinction between thinking and noticing; the difference between interpreting reality and actually noticing it through direct experience. Then you learn to share what we notice about the reality of our own experience with others, and have it be the basis for true intimacy—learning to love being and love other beings. In this workshop, you can express yourself by laughing, shouting, crying, smiling, sharing and by asking for what you want.


The Tantra and Conscious Touch part will include group exercises and sharings to release shame and limiting concepts, tantric practices of relating to meet others openly and to create deep intimacy beyond relation concepts.

In partner and group exercises you slow down in contact to feel deeply inside and to connect with your inner wisdom, your intuition. Specific practices of body awareness will help you to let loose in body & mind and to have a much clearer perception of your inner and outer bodily sensations.

Sound, breath, movement and dance awaken your aliveness and flow of energy. Dynamic tantric meditations and emotional release practice will support you to release old withheld emotions and sensations to let go and to become more receptive to the actual moment to moment sensations and energies, as well as to become more aware of your subtle energies flowing. Conscious Tantric Touch and a practice of clear communication lead to a direct expression and experience of your desires and boundaries.


This workshop is for you if:

  • you yearn for deeper love, connection & intimacy with your close ones

  • you want to feel fully alive, vibrant, expansive and invite more courage, joy, sensuality, trust and love for life and people

  • you want to experience more freedom in your life

  • you are longing for a deeper acceptance of yourself, to feel more complete, to let go of guilt and shame and step into creating the deep intimacy that your heart fulfills

  • you desire to learn the art of asking for what you want

  • you want to heal your relationships and find forgiveness

  • you want to enrich your life by healing touch and conscious sensuality


The retreat will begin on Thursday 29 November at 10:00 and will conclude on Sunday 2 December by 17:00.


Extra night
If you wish to remain at the villa after the workshop ends and sleep there on the night of Sunday 2 December, you can do so by paying an extra €32.50.


To reach the workshop location, take a train to Zandvoort aan Zee. From Amsterdam Centraal, this ride takes about 30 minutes; from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, about 50 minutes. From the Zandvoort aan Zee station, the walk to our villa takes about 15 minutes. Off-street parking for cars is also available.


Participants will be asked to assist in the cooking, serving and cleaning up of meals/snacks as a way to help create a community during our four days together. This is commonly done in residential Radical Honesty workshops.


The workshop leaders are certified Radical Honesty Trainers Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan and yoga & tantra teacher, RH Trainer Candidate Michael Kreuzwieser. Tuulia and Pete will lead the RH sessions and Michael will lead the Tantra sessions.

The early bird price is €640 until 15 October 2018; thereafter the regular price will be €690.
payment in installments is possible. The price covers the workshop, healthy vegetarian lunches, snacks, coffee/tea throughout the workshop, shared room accommodation and ongoing support of the group to live out loud.

To register or to receive more information, please email


retreat Zandfort side.jpg

Radical Honesty & Tantra Retreat

 29.11 - 02.12.2018  

Zandfoort, Holland

640€ early bird until 15. October

690€ regular


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